Our Story


Founded by Keith and Rhonda Cisney and located in the heart of the beautiful Carolinas , ProLine Baits  promotes our passion for  fishing. We love sharing the waters and banks with our family and friends.  Our family has been fishing as long as we can remember. Fishing with the grandchildren is one of our favorite pastimes. Relaxing trips to soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh air while fishing are always enjoyable. Competitive  events where we camp for days and fish non stop is by far at the top of our list of things that we love. This competitive nature is where our company was conceived and continues to thrive. Keith started in the carp fishing industry and built a very successful line of carp attractants and baits. This success led to trying some new ideas in the multi-species fishing sector. We invested many hours into product development and even more hours into testing.  We discovered that our concept for attractants worked in this multi-species arena. We are proud to offer these tested and proven products to our customers.